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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] C exceptions in kernel
On 22 Feb 2002, Dan Aloni wrote:

> The attached patch implements C exceptions in the kernel, which *don't*
> depend on special support from the compiler. This is a 'request for
> comments'. The patch is very initial, should not be applied.
> I actually got this code to work in the kernel:
> try {
> printk("TEST: before throwing \n");
> throw(1000);
> printk("TEST: won't run\n");
> }
> catch(unsigned long, value) {
> printk("TEST: caught: %ld\n", value);
> } yrt;
> I know it would a *hugh* task to get all existing code in the kernel
> to use exceptions, but the design allows exceptions to be used locally
> within the local call branches in *new* code. Basically, exception
> handling needs to be added only to functions who call functions which
> already use exceptions.
> Although this patch is against 2.4, it should go to 2.5 (2.5.5-dj1
> currently breaks here, so I am temporarily developing it using 2.4)
> This patch implements only for i386 at the moment. Theoretically can be
> ported to other archs. Of course, the arch dependant functions in this
> code are separated for the ease of porting.
> I haven't written it with interrupts and SMP in mind. I wonder what
> are the race conditions and what should be protected there.
> For unhandled exceptions, there's a possibility to add a function that
> printk's the information about the unhandled exception (file, line
> number, etc), and optionally calls panic() or BUG().
> The code supports re-throwing from catches.
> Last thing: I must get rid of that yrt closer macro. Suggestions?

Is today the 1st of April ? You kidding, don't you ?

- Davide

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