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SubjectRe: 2.4.18-rcx: Dual P3 + VIA + APIC
> Adam Lackorzynski <> wrote:
> > Same MB here, the lspci output is also the same (for the onboard stuff
> Ok, this is fine and makes the comparison at least possible to some

> Please start from a setup as close to mine as possible. That is
> In setup switch MPS 1.4 support to disable and Power Management to
> > I even updated the BIOS from 1010 to 1014 as well (just in case). What
> > BIOS version are you running? And at how many MHz are the CPUs?
> I use BIOS 1010, 2 x P3 1 GHz and tried RAM from 512MB to 2GB. Currently
installed are 2GB being 2 x 1GB registered DIMM.

The MB is the same for me (I guess). The machine is about 60Km distant
from me now, so I have not compiled with your .config yet. Next time I'll
try to gather some info for the list. The lspci is almost the same.

Fernando Korndorfer
Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brasil

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