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SubjectRe: Flash Back -- kernel 2.1.111
On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, Andre Hedrick wrote:

> Please allow him to UPDATE and correct the SCSI core, also.
> I was joking with Christoph Hellwig about his work on the SCSI API,
> suggested he work with Martin to accellerate the rewrite. So I am
> inviting Martin to assist in the SCSI directory and any other place you
> needs such an incredible grasp of your "DARWINISM" v/s logical "DESIGN".


please tell us up-front if you are able to make Linux work
with 48-bit IDE stuff so Linux is able to talk to drives
larger than 137 GB.

If you're not, please stop pissing off Andre and work
together with him ... we need the features of his new IDE
work in order to be able to support the new IDE hardware
which is being released soon (or sold already).


"Linux holds advantages over the single-vendor commercial OS"
-- Microsoft's "Competing with Linux" document

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