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SubjectRe: ioremap()/PCI sickness in 2.4.18-rc2 (FIXED ALMOST)
David Mosberger wrote:
> In the context of Linux, this is certainly not true. Linux/ia64
> always has been LP64 (i.e., sizeof(long)=8). Perhaps you're confusing
> this with the hp-ux C compiler, which defaults to ILP32? Another
> potential source of confusion is Windows, which uses the P64 data
> model (only pointers and "long long" are 64 bits).

Tru64's vendor compiler has similar features, though I'm not sure if
32-bit mode is enabled by default. Noteably, Netscape for Tru64 is
compiled with this 32-bit mode, IIRC

People would be surprised how much ground alpha axp broke in userland,
years ago, simply by being one of the first Linux platforms where long
!= int


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