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SubjectRE: Dlink DSL PCI Card
> Stephan,                                                            
> [...]
> Due to previous licensing
> agreements we cannot release our source code to anyone including our
> direct customers and there is no way around that. Sorry.

Hello Dave,

first of all: thank you for your clear statement.
Unfortunately your world and our (linux-) world do not match (in my
eyes). If you cannot provide either docs or source code chances will
be very high that your product line (chips) will be disliked by a big
percentage of linux using people. Most of them do not like w*ndows
because they cannot control what the system is doing, you are _never_
sure what it does to your (personal) data and where it will be spread.
If you - being a linux user - would be willing to use binary-only
drivers you are just about in the same situation - you lost control.
Your statement - for me - makes one thing absolutely clear: I will
never use your chips.

> Now if you
> have a request for a driver please let me know the kernel version
> used as well as the ADSL protocol that you have. I will see what I
> do to get you a usable driver.

I do not want a useable driver. I want to have full control over my
system where my personal data resides on. You deny this. I cannot
certify a customer system including your drivers either. Simply
because I cannot check out the code. This is why my customers will not
buy your chips either.
In fact I would not even take them as free gift. Their use is a severe
security issue.
I have no doubts though that you might sell a lot of pieces in the
w*ndows market.


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