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SubjectRe: 2.4.17: oops in kapm-idled? (on IBM Thinkpad A30P [2653-66U])
> Is there a reason for using all this non standard stuff. Can you reproduce
> the problem if you don't load ALSA (I dont think alsa is prime candidate
> here)

Apparently, that's where you're wrong... I tried removing some
modules, until I found the one causing the trouble:


... :(

I guess it's time to check for newer version on that... :/

On another question, is there a way to find out a hardware config -
I can't switch off all individual devices in the notebook, but if I
use the prism2 driver from, I can't get the full
performance out of it - but just something like ~20kb/s throughput
in ftp (Win2K gets more than 500kb/s)...
Some people on the linux-wlan mailing list suggested, it might be a
hardware conflict, but they couldn't give me a better idea on HOW
to locate it...
Any clue, how I could go about that?


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