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SubjectRe: 2.4.17: oops in kapm-idled? (on IBM Thinkpad A30P [2653-66U])
> 	snd-*		-> ALSA 0.9.0beta9
> e100 -> EtherExpress Pro driver from Intel,
> compiled from the debian e100-source package
> xsvc -> Summit (Accelerated X) driver
> The problem also occurs without it;
> Just trying Accelerated X since I can't get
> agpgart+XFree86+DRI to run... agpgart fails
> on modprobe... :/
> vmnet/vmmon -> VMware 3.0
> pcmcia stuff -> pcmcia-cs-3.1.31

Is there a reason for using all this non standard stuff. Can you reproduce
the problem if you don't load ALSA (I dont think alsa is prime candidate
here) and you've never loaded either vmware or xsvc or the non kernel
pcmcia since boot ?

Obviously try with a few of them out and see - I've seen several vmware with
new apm code interactions for one , although none of the others were oopses
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