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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.5-pre1 IDE cleanup 9
    Gérard Roudier wrote:
    > Basically at the moment, if the driver allows upper 'seeming cleaner and
    > smarter' PCI probing things to deal with the HBA attachment order, at
    > least all my machines running Linux will not even reboot.
    > Being smart is doing what user expects, here.

    Oh come on, how hard is the following?

    > static int __init foo_init(void)
    > {
    > int rc = pci_module_init(&sym2_pci_driver);
    > if (rc) return rc;
    > do_deferred_work();
    > }
    > module_init(foo_init);

    You have tons of flexibility you are ignoring here... For the
    non-hotplug hosts (ie. present at boot), just use pci_driver::probe to
    register hosts on a list, and little other work. do_deferred_work()
    handles the list in a manner that ensures proper boot and/or host

    So for non-hotplug hosts you do a init_module time:
    register N hosts with PCI API
    register N hosts with SCSI API

    And hotplugged hosts would do the same, with N==1.

    What you describe -is- supported with the PCI API.


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