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SubjectRe: Problem? 802.1q kernel 2.4.18-rc1-rmap12f
In article <>,
Teodor Iacob <> wrote:
>I want to use the eth0 as 2 subinterfaces with 802.1q with vlan IDs 3 and
>5, so this is how I set the whole thing up:
>/sbin/ifconfig eth0 up # This to make the link of the interface up
>vconfig add eth0 5
>vconfig add eth0 3
>/sbin/ifconfig eth0.5 inet ..etc..
>/sbin/ifconfig eth0.3 inet ...etc..
>and I have also the default gateway through the eth0.5 vlan.
>Now after a fresh start, I can ping whatever I want, but I cannot start a
>file transfer, it just locks up after first 1024 bytes ( as seen with tick
>in simple ftp command ).

Did you patch the ethernet driver so that it supports the bigger
MTUs needed for VLAN support ? It's all described in the VLAN patch docs.

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