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Subject2.4.17 ide-scsi errors

I've seen some old posts (+yr) about this, with no conclusion, and I've
seen that the changelogs on the latest(s) -18pre and development pre have
addressed tape bug fixes and SCSI (including ide-scsi).

I'm having problems with a Seagate ATAPI STT220000A Travan Tapestor unit.

Has anyone had problems with that model at 2.4.17? Have these issues been
addressed specifically on these latest -pres?

I have the modules st, ide-scsi, scsi_mod, sg loaded.


1. The diagnostic program from Seagate (and their technical support) say
the unit is bad and need replacement):
zu /root/backup_scripts # diagsvlx rwtest -id:0

Checking System Configuration.
Wed Feb 20 08:35:13 2002
ATAPI/IDE Logical Drive Id: 0
Seagate STT20000A, Firmware: 8A51

Issued Cmd: Test Read-Write.
Issued Cmd: Test Unit Ready.
Issued Cmd: Load Tape.
Issued Cmd: Write 200 MB to tape.
Write Command Complete.
Issued Cmd: Write File Marks.
Issued Cmd: Rewind Tape.
Issued Cmd: Read and Compare 200 MB of data from tape.
Test failed due to excessive errors.
Retry the test with a different tape and/or clean the drive.
Issued Final Cmd: Rewind Tape.

..although I can write/read anything without errors.

2. Although I can read/write without data corruption, /var/log/messages
Feb 21 09:10:14 zulu kernel: st0: Error with sense data: Current st09:00:
sense key Illegal Request
Feb 21 09:10:14 zulu kernel: Additional sense indicates Invalid command
operation code

Do I really need a new tape drive unit, or is this "normal" with 2.4.17?



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