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SubjectRe: linux kernel config converter
Roman Zippel wrote:
> At there is a small program which
> converts the config files into an alternative format. The tool expects a
> The current output looks like this:
> define_bool
> default: y
> bool
> prompt: Ultrix partition table support
> help:
> Say Y here if you would like to be able to read the hard disk
> partition table format used by DEC (now Compaq) Ultrix machines.
> Otherwise, say N.
> What am I missing now, that we can't convert the current configs into
> something like above and add new features later to it?


FWIW a much better transition path is very close to what your tool does,
and is a suggestion made by mec (kbuild maintainer) near the end of the
recent flamewar: convert files one at a time, like we did the
old makefiles.

That would imply a rewrite of make [old]config, and an updating of make
menu|xconfig, to handle the new format...

As it happened with the conversion to new-style Makefiles, Linus may say
"bah" when the conversion 80% there, and remove support for the old
config format completely. :)


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