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SubjectRe: Lucent WinModem
On Wed, Feb 20, 2002, Alan Cox wrote about "Re: Lucent WinModem":
> > How can I use my LT Winmodem on Slackware???
> > I have a driver but doesn't work!!!! I don't know why...
> Ask the binary only driver provider.
> This list is about free software, and nobody else but the driver vendor
> can really help you

Actually, I think that Lucent's driver has been open source (I didn't check
how "free" their license is) for at least a year now. No more of these ugly
binary drivers that you had to apply binary patches (aggh!) to on every
kernel version.

A quick google search turned out as a place you
can get the sources.

I'm using such a driver on my laptop (Redhat 7.2), I compiled it myself (I
don't know why Redhat doesn't include a module for this modem - maybe it
isn't "free enough") and the modem is working nicely.

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