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SubjectRe: syscall latency improvement #1
On 10:59 29 Jan 2002, Denis Vlasenko <> wrote:
| > - If a function has a single call site and is static then it
| > is always correct to inline.

I'm thinking: any decent compiler will inline this on its own, _without_
an inline keyword. So _don't_ use inline here.

| And what if later you (or someone else!) add another call? You may forget to
| remove inline. It adds maintenance trouble while not buying much of speed:

Indeed. And handled by the null case of "no inline" used above - the
compiler will get this right if you leave out the inline keywords,
while adding it causes the above issue.

| if func is big, inline gains are small, if it's small, it should be inlined
| regardless of number of call sites.

Wasn't that case #2? Inline when func < some small number of bytes?
Cameron Simpson, DoD#743

My father was a despatch rider during the last war. He rode BSAs but, for
reasons I still don't understand, he never bothered to tell me that they
were useless, unreliable piles of shit. - Grant Roff, _Two Wheels_ Nov96
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