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SubjectLinux 2.5.5-dj1 - Bug Reports
I tried Dave Jones' version of the kernel to see if it would compile, as I
haven't been able to the regular 2.5 kernel to compile since I have the
new binutils package.

It compiled fine. When I booted up everything looked normal with the
exception of a
eth1: going OOM
message that kept scrolling down the screen. My eth1 is a natsemi card.

Eventually that stopped and gdm came up. For some reason my keyboard and
mouse wouldn't work. However, I could ssh into the machine and both
ethernet cards were functional. I noticed I had left SMP support
selected in the configuration, so I turned that off and tried
recompiling. It got to check.c in fs/partitions before stopping with an

So, it looks like the binutils problems are fixed, but there are some
other issues apparently. If you need configuration information or for me
try something please let me know.

Ben Pharr

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