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    SubjectRe: RH7.2 running 2.4.9-21-SMP (dual Xeon's) yields "Illegal
    On Thu, 21 Feb 2002 wrote:

    > In article <> you wrote:
    > > 5. nVidia Corp NV15 GL (Quadro2) plugged into the AGP slot.
    > > By running without the X11 server, I hoped to remove the nVidia board as a
    > > source of trouble.
    > did you ever install the NVidia driver ?

    The NVidia drivers (kernel module and X11) are installed, but I have
    rebooted since disabling the X11 server. /sbin/lsmod does not list the
    NVdriver in the running system. Will the kernel load NVdriver if the X11
    server is never started after a reboot? /etc/modules.conf has this line

    alias char-major-195 NVdriver


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