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SubjectRe: linux kernel config converter

Jeff Garzik wrote:

> For directories like kernel/* and mm/* and arch/*, I imagine that down
> the road we will want kernel.conf and mm.conf too, though right now they
> would probably remain as makefiles...
> If you look closely at the problem, you will see there is no fundamental
> reason why we cannot package makefile rules like we want to package
> config information.

I agree that in most case (drivers) it is the right thing.
But for kernel/, arch/ there are no simple way to tell:
"this makefile rule belong to this configuration".
In such cases we should not split makefiles and configurations
in an artificial way.
We should not generalize and split configuration and makefile
just because in most case it is the right thing.

[ Some Makefile define at the beginning some flags that
should be used for all driver in such subdir.
These info should be in a 'main' .conf (main = where normal
user would check, without grep to all .conf)


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