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SubjectRe: [PATCH] linux-2.417 devfs 64bit portablility issue
Richard Gooch writes:
>Except that devfs_register_???dev() (which are in fact minor
>variations on the register_???dev() calls) *do not* avoid assigned
>majors. That is why I wrote devfs_alloc_major() in the first place.
To me, the disadvantage of this soloution is that if a device driver has
called devfs_register_blkdev with major 0 (automatic allocation) and
another device driver calls devfs_alloc_major, the same major number may
be assigned twice. Same situation is vice versa (major has been allocated,
devfs_register_blkdev with major 0 gives the same major to a different

>And while I do think that register_???dev() should in fact do just
>what devfs_alloc_major() does, that's not a battle I care to fight. By
>writing devfs_alloc_major(), this functionality is optional, and I can
>avoid a whole pile of stupid flaming.
I reworked my initial patch in order to
- avoid setting up the array on initialisation (since you dislike this)
- have a portable soloution that works on any arch
- avoid assigning staticaly allocated majors with any devfs_* functions
- avoid assigning the same major twice with devfs_* functions

Please do have a look at this patch (sorry, attached again) and let me
know what you think of including this solution.

w/kind regards
Carsten Otte
(See attached file: linux-2.4.17-devfs_fixup.diff)[unhandled content-type:application/octet-stream]
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