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    SubjectRe: linux kernel config converter
    On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, Jeff Garzik wrote:

    > David Lang wrote:
    > > 1. does this handle the cross directory dependancies?
    > I presume you are talking about Roman's tool, so I'll let him answer. I
    > think he just implemented a converter to a new language, so new language
    > tools to parse the language don't exist yet, I think.

    I am so I'll wait for his answer

    > > 2. does it handle the 'I want this feature, turn on everything I need for
    > > it'?
    > This is fundamentally impossible for anything beyond the most simple
    > features. Although you can do a lot with info, "everything I
    > need" is something a human needs to define in many cases.

    unless I am missing something this is one of the features that CML2
    implements. Agreed that 'everything I need' needs to be defined by a
    human, that's what Eric has done in his ruleset, define the dependancies.

    > > 3. if it handles #2 what does it do if you turn off that feature again
    > > (CML2 turns off anything it turned on to support that feature, assuming
    > > nothing else needs it)
    > This is a policy decision. I'm not sure one -wants- to do this...
    > Doing something like this blindly can have unintended side effects, i.e.
    > violate the Principle of Least Surprise.

    I'll argue that _not_ doing this violated the principle of lease surprise,
    if you turn a feature on and immediatly back off why should anything in
    your config be any different then it was before you turned it on?

    David Lang

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