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SubjectRe: linux kernel config converter

Roman Zippel wrote:

> Hi,
> define_bool
> default: y
> bool
> prompt: Ultrix partition table support
> help:
> Say Y here if you would like to be able to read the hard disk
> partition table format used by DEC (now Compaq) Ultrix machines.
> Otherwise, say N.

From old discussion in kbuild list:
1) default: Eric proposed to include defaults in configuration,
but it seems that is a bad things, and defaults should be arch
specific. (I don't remember the discussion, but you can
parse the kbuild list, time)
2) One of the problem in actual configure are the dependencies.
FOO depend on BAR and BEER.
Wat are the possible value of FOO if BAR=m, BEER=y.
In kernel we have some drivers thet need foo to be n or y,
in other cases: n or m.
The logical operators hide the true dependency table.
(don't expect developers read the docs: the logical operators
seems like C operators, so they use like C, but they forget
the third case (=m) ).

Do you use the python identation mode?


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