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SubjectRe: opengl-nvidia not compiling
> >  > nv.c:1438: incompatible type for argument 4 of
> > `remap_page_range_Reb32c755'
> > > nv.c:1438: too few arguments to function `remap_page_range_Reb32c755'

> Just to add something related, but unrelated to the
> NVIDIA problem above, this is the same exact error I received when
> I compiled any kernel > 2.5.2 with ALSA 0.5.* and ALSA 0.9.*.

What happened was remap_page_range sprouted a new first argument - the vma
you are mapping into. If you know even a tiny bit of C you can fix it
yourself; just look for the nearest variable of type 'struct
vm_area_struct*', and prepend it to the other args.

Not that everything is guaranteed to work even if it compiles... NVIDIA
cards do some very unusual fiddling with memory mappings and page tables, so
VM changes are just as likely to break their driver...


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