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SubjectRe: network booting

>I found out this method doesn't work on 3com adapters. the tftpserver and
>pxelinux are the newest things on that machine (which is about 2 years old
>Where can I find the pxe thing you mentioned above?
See the README i cut&pasted below. It's the readme for intel's pxe-0.1
for linux.. with all the relevant links in it.
ps, do note your BIOS has to be pc99 compliant to be able to do PXE booting.

If not, your alternatives are 1) a boot eprom with a kernel image or
boot loader or 2) a floppy / cdrom with a boot loader and a kernel. This
kernel can be configured for DHCP / nfsroot, so the actualy loading and
anything afterwards will happen over the network.

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