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    SubjectRe: SIOCDEVICE ?
    Francois Romieu <> writes:

    > Your patch doesn't apply against 2.5.3. I did a quick update and noticed the
    > patch is the sole user of SIOCDEVICE (with dscc4) and SIOCDEVPRIVATE.

    SIOCDEVICE, yes. That's my attempt to create an ioctl interface for
    controlling devices. It's defined by the hdlc patch, discussed about
    a year (?) ago here. Yes, I think I should post a note here.

    SIOCDEVPRIVATE - an older method of controlling net devices. IMHO, not
    very useful, could possibly be used as a devel hack. Many net drivers
    use it.

    A new patch which applies to 2.5.3 is in the usual place:
    This is what I want included in base kernel.
    Krzysztof Halasa
    Network Administrator
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