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SubjectRE: 512 Mb DIMM not detected by the BIOS!
Hey Benny,

This is a chipset problem. Chipsets support up to x CAS (column) lines
and y RAS (row) lines, and depending on your DIMM memory module layout
and configuration, you 512MB DIMM will be detected as a different sized

Eg. The venerable Intel 440BX (PII) chipset supports a max of 256MB per
slot. Ah well.

Since it's a chipset (ie hardware) issue, it's not possible to work
around this problem - you need a newer chipset. Sorry.


Daniel J Blueman

> I'm new to this mailinglist so please tellme if you think i'm "out of
> topoic".
> I've have trouble with the following issue:
> On two x86 machines, one AMD k62 and a Pentium the Bios dont wont to
> detect properly a 512 MB PC133 DIMM, the K62 based it dont
> detect it at
> all, and on the PII it detect it as a 128MB DIMM.
> I suspect that's the BIOS that "sucks", not the HW, i supose
> that the HW
> is capable to deal with 512MB DIMM's, so my question to you
> "kernel-gurus", is there any posibility to configure the
> Linux kernel to
> bypass the BIOS and actually use my 512MB ?
> Thanks!
> /Benny

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