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SubjectRe: kernel panic

> The problem is while booting the kernel with my newly
> developed floppy, I am getting the error message
> kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:03
> I donno what to do. Is it some thing related to "make
> xconfig" options or some other thing. Please give me
> suggestion.

I guess the obvious questions are:

What kind of filesystem are you trying to mount as root? Have you
checked whether a root argument is being passed to the kernel by
whatever loader you're using?

Did you inadvertently disable support for that kind of filesystem?

If you're mounting root over NFS, did you disable support for
any of the networking options you might need? (like, say, kernel-level
IP autoconfiguration).

In short, what changed between the last configuration that worked,
and this one that doesn't?


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