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SubjectRe: VFS issues (was: Re: 2.5.5-pre1: mounting NTFS partitions -t VFAT)
Hi Jos,

> The first question I want answered: Should I just call myself stupid for
> trying to mount NTFS as VFAT, or should we consider this a real issue that
> needs fixing ?

Stupid? No.
Fixing? Yes.

Whatever you throw at mount, you want it to fail_safe_. i.e. in the
worst case, do nothing.

> While mounting a partition, the vfs layer tries to determine the partition
> type,

Without any help, mount (userspace) tries to determine the partition
type. It understands the magics of a LOT of filesystems.

It looks for the NTFS magic before the DOS magic (or any of its variants).

> and passes that info to the filesystem driver

Which is passed to the VFS, and the to the driver which performs some
more rigid tests (hopefully :-)

FlatCap (Rich)

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