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SubjectRe: VFS issues (was: Re: 2.5.5-pre1: mounting NTFS partitions -t VFAT)
On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Denis Vlasenko wrote:

> > The type of a partition is written in the partition table, or something
> > similar. Maybe we should check that ?
> Partition type isn't available to fs driver. Think about mounting
> floppy/loopback/etc.

True. I never use floppys anymore :)

> Seems you guys are discussing non-problem here. What really needs to be done
> is to add more sanity checks to FAT superblock detection/validation code:
> * signatures like 55AA at end of 1st sector
> * sane values for various superblock data (if you see "FAT copies: 146"
> it is more than enough to tell it's not a FAT, right?)
> If anyone feels so inclined, please go to fs/fat/inode.c:fat_read_super()
> and hack on it. Send your patches to Alexander Viro <>
> and tighten your seatbelt ;-)

Will hack tonight and see if my seatbelt is strong enough :) It has never
been used before, so maybe...


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