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SubjectNE2k driver issue
	I`ve experienced a very strange relationship between
ISA sb card generated interrupts and network NIC perfomance.

The situation was the next: i`ve performed a data transfer from
a remote samba share to the local box thru a 10Mbit ISA NIC.
What has been varying was the interrupt load of the sound card.
With esd started the sound card generated 500-600 interrupts/second,
with no esd, it didnt generated interrupts.

Theoretically the sbcard interrupts should make the NIC starve
and reduce the NIC performance. But the situation i`ve experienced
was weird as hell.

With esd started the samba transfer maxes out at 400kb/s.
With esd stopped it immediately drops down to 30-35 kb/s.

This is also well reflected by the NIC interrupt rate cutting down
by 90% with esd stopped.

Info: linux-2.4.17-rmap12e, NE2k ISA NIC, SB16 Vibra ISA

regards, Samium Gromoff

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