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SubjectRe: Moving fasync_struct into struct file?
> the SIGIO.  IMVHO the best way to clean this up is to check the
> fasync_list in sys_close, and if pid == filp-> and fd ==
> fasync_list->fa_fd, unregister the SIGIO.

We already clean up fasync structures on close, its the drivers
responsibility to do so. If you wanted to be more strict you could do
a similar helper call in the other closing callback for each fd close.

> This means we need a move the "struct fasync_struct
> fasync_list" into struct file (up from all the subsystems which use
> it, eg. struct socket).

Any reason for not just caching the 32bit task ident field ? Using the
slightly confusingly p->parent_exec_id, which is basically a 32bit process
ident for example
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