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SubjectRe: sis_malloc / sis_free
On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Christoph Pittracher wrote:

> Hello!

> Yes, the sisfb/drm code has some design lacks.
> Another lack is the necessary memory offset between framebuffer/drm and
> the X driver (see for
> details).

Oh, okay. Should that memory offset be a source of processor time
waste for allocating memory when switching through FB and X, for an
example? If so, sharing the code (instead of duplicating it) is the ideal

> I don't think that it would be a problem to duplicate the code. the
> sis_malloc / sis_free functions seems quite stable. I don't think that
> there will be big updates for this code.

Hmm, but as you stated, I do not think code duplication should be
the best approach.

> Thomas Winischhofer <> is working on that SiS stuff for
> about 2 months. I think it would be best if you contact him and ask
> what he thinks about that. I know that he said it would be a good idea
> to seperate the sisfb and sis_drm code but he doesn't have enough time
> to do it...

If I have such time, I'll contact him. But for the moment, if the
code does not compile (still with 2.4.18-rc2-ac1) I'll duplicate the code
to get it working until a better solution raises.

Cesar Suga <>

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