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SubjectRe: ENOTTY from ext3 code?
>  ext3/ioctl.c:
> ...
> return -ENOTTY;
> Does it really make sense to return "not a typewriter" from ext3
> ioctl?

Absolutely. In fact, it's a pet pieve of mine. Lots and lots
of clueless driver writes return -EINVAL in such cases,
and I keep cleaning it up. The problem with EINVAL is that
it makes it harder to diagnose any problems that can come up.

Also, recent strerror() returns "Inappropriate ioctl for a device",
if that is your concern. Personally, I think "Not a typewriter"
was a warmer and fuzzier reference to the roots, but oh well...
Dennis giveth, TOG taketh away...

-- Pete
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