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SubjectRe: Kernel ethernet alias limit
You don't need dummy ethN:N interfaces.  Use the iproute2 tools, 'ip' 

ip link set eth0 down
ip address flush eth0
ip address add brd + dev eth0
ip address add brd + dev eth0
ip address add your heart's content
ip link set eth0 up
ip route add default via via dev eth0

See the scripts on for some examples.


Jim Roland wrote:

>I seem to remember back in either Kernel 2.0 or 2.2 there was a limit of 256
>aliases within the ethX aliasing (eg, eth0, then eth0:0 thru eth0:255).
>Has the limit on this been expanded with Kernel 2.4, is it stable and/or
>advised? I have a need to bind more than 256 addresses to a single
>interface. Without installing additional network cards.
>Jim Roland, RHCE
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