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SubjectRe: gnome-terminal acts funny in recent 2.5 series
"Petr Vandrovec" <> writes:

> On 19 Feb 02 at 20:44, OGAWA Hirofumi wrote:
> >
> > libzvt was using file descriptor passing via UNIX domain socket for
> > pseudo terminal. Then because ->passcred was not initialized in
> > sock_alloc(), unexpected credential data was passing to libzvt.
> >
> > The following patch fixed this problem, but I'm not sure.
> > Could you review the patch? (attached file are test program)
> I sent simillar patch to Linus and DaveM on Sunday. Unfortunately it
> did not found its way into either of these two trees (and IPX oops fix too).
> In addition to yours I moved these 'sock->XXX = NULL' into sock_alloc_inode,
> as I see no reason why sock->wait should be initialized in sock_alloc_inode,
> but all other members in sock_alloc. It caused confusion to me, and
> from your comment it looks like that you missed it too. Besides that
> root of sockfs uses sock's inode with sock->ops, sk and file being
> 0x5a5a5a5a without moving initialization from sock_alloc to sock_alloc_inode.

I wish your patch apply to the tree. Thanks.
OGAWA Hirofumi <>
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