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Subject[PATCH *] new struct page shrinkage
Hi Linus,

The patch has been changed like you wanted, with page->zone
shoved into page->flags. I've also pulled the thing up to
your latest changes from so you should be
able to just pull it into your tree from:


You can also view the patch on:

I'm not retransmitting it to lkml as very little has changed.
Please apply the patch to your 2.5 tree.

thank you,


----> begin standard blurb of explanation <----

I've forward-ported a small part of the -rmap patch to 2.5,
the shrinkage of the struct page. Most of this code is from
William Irwin and Christoph Hellwig.

The executive summary:
o page->wait is removed, instead we use a hash table of wait
queues per zone ... collisions are ok because of wake-all
o page->virtual is only used on highmem machines and sparc64,
other machines calculate the address instead
o page->zone is moved into page->flags

Linus, please pull from the bk tree:


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