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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.18-pre9-mjc2
man, 2002-02-18 kl. 22:39 skrev Alan Cox:
> > > If you want to get arrested it sounds a great idea. Thats up to you
> >
> > Huh? They are shipping faulty products. Unless their manual say "you
> > are only allowed to run windows 95 release 1, Word version 3.71 and
> > Outlook 17.32 and nothing else, you have handled your computer
> > properly and its *their* problem.
> You didnt handle it properly. You'll find the old "you cannot damage the
> computer" messages vanished about the time of the IBM/AT. You instructed
> it to erase critical internal data, so it did.
> > What did chernobyl do? I've never seen PC damaged beyond
> Erased the bios
> > repair. Everyone with a clue has jumper on stuff like flashing, and I
> > can imagine that opening the case can void your warranty.
> You don't however have a jumper to protect your disk firmware do you...

And you don't have a jumper on most laptops I've seen - neither do you
want to disassemble the laptop every time you decide to upgrade the BIOS
(at least I know I don't).

I've also seen lots of PCs that do exactly things like flashing the BIOS
during the first install cycle after you power up. I've even had to
return one because of user intervention (some guy flicked the power
during BIOS upgrade...)


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