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SubjectRe: Eepro100 driver.

Petro wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 12:29:04AM -0500, Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>Ben Greear wrote:
>>>Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>>>Long term, it is going to be replaced with e100 from Intel, as soon as
>>>>that driver is in good shape.
>>>Any ETA on that? (Make them really support the ethtool IOCTLs first :))
>>Soon but not terribly soon. Intel has been responsive to feedback from
>>Andrew Morton and myself. Once it passes our review and Intel's
>>testing, it will go in. eepro100 will live on for a while, until we are
>>certain e100 is stable, though. (and eepro100 won't disappear from 2.4
>>at all)
> So what do you suggest people like Mr. Greear and I do in the mean
> time?

It's easy enough to download the e100 from Intel's site if you
want to use it. I will continue to try to use the eepro100 unless
I find problems with my particular hardware NICS. The eepro100
still supports MII-IOCTLS better than the e100 supports ethtool
interfaces, and I like to know all those twisty little bits!



Ben Greear <> <Ben_Greear AT>
President of Candela Technologies Inc

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