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SubjectRe: Missed jiffies
george anzinger wrote:

> "H. Peter Anvin" wrote:
>>Followup to: <>
>>By author: george anzinger <>
>>In newsgroup:
>>>One of the nasty problems, especially with machines such as yours (i.e.
>>>lap tops), is the fact that TSC is NOT clocked at a fixed rate. It is
>>>affected by throttling (reduced in 12.5% increments) and by power
>>If the TSC is affected by HLT, throttling, or C2 power management, the
>>TSC is broken (as it is on Cyrix chips, for example.) The TSC usually
>>*is* affected by C3 power management, but the OS should be aware of
> Gosh I would LIKE to think this is true. Could you give a reference? I
> believe Andrew Grover thinks that what I have stated is true. If I am
> wrong, it will make the high-res-timers MUCH more acceptable as the TSC
> overhead is MUCH lower that the ACPI pm timer.
> Do I have this right Andrew?

What I have defined above is what Linux considers a "working" TSC. I
belive this to be functional on Intel, AMD and Transmeta CPUs.

However, there are some systems -- especially using older chips with less
PLL delays -- which change CLKIN on the fly.


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