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SubjectRe: Disgusted with kbuild developers
I can't believe you people, even if you are high level kernel

The most major complaints I see against CML2 are that 'the
behaviour is different from CML1' and 'CML2 has a whole bunch of
"features" too which will be shoved down our throats'.

Duh! That was the freaking point! Granted I'm not a kernel hacking
expert, but I've been building my own kernels since 1995 and I see
definite value in having the side effects and grouping stuff in
CML2. I also see significant value in having the symbol set and
rules provably coherent.

You guys change the low level kernel interfaces all the time. You
change module interfaces out from underneath people every other
month. You depreciate malloc.h and replace it with slab.h and
don't so much as give it a second thought, yet you bitch up a
storm about how the changes in CML2 behaviour are unacceptable?

You guys force changes down the throats of other people all the
time. Well now, in my lowly opinion, it's time for you to do what
everyone else is already used to - choke it down, and comfort
yourself by saying 'it was the right thing to do.'

Looking forward to seeing CML2 in 2.5,

-dennis T
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