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Subjectgnome-terminal acts funny in recent 2.5 series
Running Ximian-latest for rh72/i386, latest 2.5 kernels (including
2.5.4-pre2, 2.5.4, 2.5.5-pre1).

- clicking on the panel icon for gnome-terminal shows a flicker
of the terminal window coming up then the window disappears.
No leftover processes.

What works 100%:
- regular xterm in 2.5.x
- gnome-terminal in 2.4.x (x in .17, .18-pre9, .18-rc2)

More info:
- doesn't happen 100% of the time, but close
- trying to start gnome-terminal either vanilla or with the
parameters in the icon from an xterm causes
* gnome-terminal window comes up, but no shell prompt; the
window *does not* disappear and program is in a CPU loop
* program detaches from calling xterm even when '&' is
not used
* calling xterm's tty is left in a funny state (sometimes
stty sane^J is required, sometimes tput reset)

Any ideas would be quite welcome - I can go back and try and narrow
down what kernel breaks gnome-terminal if nothing comes up.



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