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SubjectRe: gnome-terminal acts funny in recent 2.5 series
In mailing-lists.linux-kernel, Gustavo wrote:

> I noticed this problem also... it seems the problem lies on
> devpts, I enabled it on my 2.5.5pre1 build, mounting
> devpts with the options given on the "readme" file
> made gnome-terminal start on the second try, almost
> everytime

I also am seeing this problem--it is definitely pts related. I have
noticed that when the problem occurs, if I execute "gnome-terminal &"
from an existing gnome-terminal, a new window comes up, but input and
output from the new shell are still going to the prior gnome-terminal.
'ps' shows both the new gnome-terminal and old gnome-terminal on the
same pts. But sometimes everything works fine.

Cheers, Wayne

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