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SubjectRe: [PATCH] linux-2.417 devfs 64bit portablility issue
Carsten Otte writes:
> In linux-2.4.17/fs/devfs/util.c, I found the following code:
> struct major_list
> {
> spinlock_t lock;
> __u32 bits[8];
> };
> static struct major_list block_major_list =
> {0xfffffb8f, /* Majors 0 to 31 */
> 0xffff0000} /* Majors 224 to 255 */
> };
> Afterwards, the block_major_list.bits is processed using
> find_first_zero_bit & set_bit out of asm/bitops.h.
> Since bitops are only defined for the datatype long, this does
> only work on 32-bit architectures (on 64 bit data gets
> incorrectly alligned -not on 8byte boundary & the ordering of
> the data is incorrect).
> I attached a patch that should fix it for all architectures.

Sorry, but I find your approach grotesque. Apart from basic warts such
as not declaring code+data as __init, the approach of populating the
bitfield from yet another list doesn't appeal to me. I'd much rather
see an approach which preserved the initialisation using bitmasks.

> (See attached file: linux-2.4.17-devfs_fixup.diff)

BTW: please don't send attachments. Send patches inline instead.


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