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SubjectRe: How to make Linux/Tux/Whatever better? (was Re: TUX development? Anyone?)

Sorry, is it just me, or does this page
not detail exactly how you would go about getting high-priority

And doesn't this page,, have an entry
for 'TUX' somewhere?

Red Hat has to make some money somehow... I'm sure there is somebody on
this list that is capable of generating tux-odds-n-ends-A1.patch and
hosting it until Ingo/RedHat gets around to merging it, rather than just

Michael Brown

On Fri, 15 Feb 2002, Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk wrote:

> > > Please try to understand that banging my head against a problem for (now
> > > over a month) is quite annoying.
> >
> > You know what...... that's what support is for.
> Is it only me?
> Can I please get *some* sort of feedback after submitting a bug report?
> I thought that was what made open-source projects better...
> roy
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> Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk, MCSE, MCNE, CLS, LCA
> Computers are like air conditioners.
> They stop working when you open Windows.
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