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SubjectRe: tux officially in kernel?
On 16 Feb 2002, Jason Czerak wrote:

> If I"m not mistaken, Tux needs SSL and V-domains support.

You are partly mistaken - tux does virtual domains like a champ.
Mass virtual hosting is easy and effective. Tux does need to pass
SSL requests off to a helper server though.

> then I can use
> it instead of Apache with mod_proxy (static) --> Apache mod_perl
> (dynamic content) dual apache setup.

I'd love to see mod_perl for tux - did I miss something?

I'd be just as happy about php, and there is what looks like the beginning
of tux support in php. If tux could load and run php modules, it would
open a lot of doors very quickly. (i.e. there are a lot more php
programmers out there than are in the tiny, rather elite group of those
who understand and can use the tux dynamic content api.)

> Once this happens. My little
> PII-350 should surly keep up with, if not be faster then that Dual 733
> NT box for static content :)



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