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SubjectRe: [PATCH] size-in-bytes wrote:

>I planned a road to happiness in 92 steps, where each of the steps
Beware I may drive you to ruin if there will be less or more then 92 ;-)...

>does something clear and simple, simplifies the tree, beautifies
>the code, restructures in a clearly necessary way.
>Indeed, your suggested steps are also there.
>Five or six of these steps found their way into the kernel,
>(some thanks to Christoph Hellwig) but there is still a long way to go.
>The present patch is just a rediff of step 02.
My main concern is simple the following: The broken design was there for
already 8 years and
the cleanup just goes far too slow for my personal taste if it goes at
the same peace of speed as
of now...

>I do not know what the best strategy is, these times.
>I see you and Vojtech do good things to the IDE code,
>but would myself prefer to do such things in a series
>of really small steps. That way it is also very clear
>for Andre what happens.
Well I have no problems to synchronize in small steps. However I have
problems with synchronization in microsteps, becouse due to my daily
dueties, which btw.
have *nothing* with kernel hacking to do, I can hardly go below the
resolution of a day.... Or more precisely: some time at afternoon which
can vary
- nothing
- a whole night
- a whole weekend

depending on:
- my personal mood,
- my druglevel,
- blood preassure,
- my world domination dreams (Andre thinks so apparently :-),
- the current conjugation between saturn and venus,

and so on...

But in fact: I'm flexible and even more happy if somebody, who can
certainly devote more
time to it then me, just picks the shit^Wsuggestions I call patches up...

In regards of Andre, well unfortunately, after reading his last mail
about my employer and
what-a-not, well I have some... please excuse me... concerns about his
mind-wellth ;-)

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