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SubjectRe: Disgusted with kbuild developers
Thus spake Nicolas Pitre (
> As a bonus to further stimulate acceptance of CML2, make it work with the
> tools that most people already have i.e. Python 1.5.

I don't have python. Any version of python.

And I refuse to use software that forces me to install an ugly
monstrosity like python. Integrating python in the build process is
like integrating IE into Windows. It may please the stupid masses who
use Red Hat anyway and don't care what happens when they click their
mouse button, but it's conceptually bad for the OS and the kernel so far
went to great lengths to not depend on external bloat. It is a good
thing to minimize dependencies! If you can't do it in C and /bin/sh,
then please step aside and let someone handle the job who is up to it.

So far this looks like you are on one hell of an ego trip.

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