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SubjectVarious problems using ALSA drivers in 2.5.5-pre1.

I have the linux hotplug scripts installed. When I built
the drivers as modules, they did not autoload, as they should
have. Are you working to make the drivers register themselves
during the boot process so that they are autoloaded without
having to hack the modules.conf file?

I have applied the patch the gets /proc/asound working.
In my most recent attempt, I have compiled the ALSA drivers
into the kernel. I would like to use the native ALSA drivers,
but am not sure how to configure my devices to make this
happen. I use esound on GNOME and play CDs.

One question I have is how to go about getting the ALSA
utilities and tools to build. They require alsa-lib, which
appears to require alsa-drivers. This is a problem, because
I don't want to install the out-of-kernel ALSA drivers in
addition to the in-kernel ones.

It seems to me that there is a need for several things to happen,
now that ALSA is in the development kernel:

1) You need to update your web documentation to guide users
in configuring ALSA who are testing the ALSA support in
the development kernel.

2) You need to include updated ALSA configuration and usage
information into the linux/Documentation tree in the 2.5 kernel

3) You need to update documentation in the utils and tools
packages to include information about how to build and use
there utilies when using the 2.5 kernel drivers.

4) You may need to overhaul your tools and utilities build
processes so that alsa-drivers is not required.

Here are my options:


In my kernel log, I see no sign that my EMU10K1 card is detected.

Here is what an OSS driver in an earlier kernel logged when it
detected my card:

cat /proc/asound/devices:

1: : sequencer
0: [0- 0]: ctl
4: [0- 0]: hardware dependent
8: [0- 0]: raw midi
19: [0- 3]: digital audio playback
26: [0- 2]: digital audio capture
25: [0- 1]: digital audio capture
16: [0- 0]: digital audio playback
24: [0- 0]: digital audio capture
9: [0- 1]: raw midi
10: [0- 2]: raw midi
33: : timer


cat oss-devices:
1: : sequencer
8: : sequencer
2: [0- 2]: raw midi
12: [0-12]: digital audio
3: [0- 3]: digital audio
0: [0- 0]: mixer
13: [0-13]: raw midi


cat pcm:
00-00: emu10k1 : EMU10K1 : playback 32 : capture 1
00-01: emu10k1 mic : EMU10K1 MIC : capture 1
00-02: emu10k1 efx : EMU10K1 EFX : capture 1
00-03: emu10k1 : EMU10K1 FX8010 : playback 8

cat cards:
0 [card0 ]: EMU10K1 - Sound Blaster Live!
Sound Blaster Live! at 0xff80, irq 5


cat sndstat:
Sound Driver:3.8.1a-980706 (ALSA v0.9.0beta10 emulation code)
Kernel: Linux 2.5.5-pre1 #5 Sat Feb 16
01:22:40 PST 2
002 i686
Config options: 0

Installed drivers:
Type 10: ALSA emulation

Card config:
Sound Blaster Live! at 0xff80, irq 5

Audio devices:


Midi devices:
0: EMU10K1 MPU-401 (UART)

7: system timer

0: mixer00

Feb 11 10:48:44 turbulence kernel: Creative EMU10K1 PCI Audio Driver,
version 0.7, 17:00:23 Sep 6 2001
Feb 11 10:48:44 turbulence kernel: emu10k1: EMU10K1 rev 7 model 0x8031
found, IO at 0xff80-0xff9f, IRQ 5

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