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Subject[PATCH] 2.5.5-pre1, allow RAM disk to be build

since 2.5.x (can't remember version correctly) the setup for RAM disk changed and I could not build it anymore into the kernel due to compilation errors.
In the latest prepatch (2.5.5-pre1) this is still not fixed. I am using the following patch to fix this and it works from 2.5.x upto 2.5.5-pre1 without any problems.

please apply,


PS. CC me as I am not on the list

# diff -uN linux-2.5.5-pre1/arch/i386/kernel/setup.c.orig linux-2.5.5-pre1/arch/i386/kernel/setup.c
--- linux-2.5.5-pre1/arch/i386/kernel/setup.c.orig Thu Feb 14 20:39:00 2002
+++ linux-2.5.5-pre1/arch/i386/kernel/setup.c Thu Feb 14 20:40:17 2002
@@ -661,7 +661,9 @@
unsigned long bootmap_size, low_mem_size;
unsigned long start_pfn, max_low_pfn;
int i;
+ extern int rd_image_start, rd_prompt, rd_doload;

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