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    SubjectRe: Broadcom 5700/5701 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters
    Thomas Langås wrote:
    > Jeff Garzik:
    > > DaveM and I should have something eventually, which will make the
    > > RH-shipped driver irrelevant.
    > How's this coming along? Do you have specs which are free? Ie. could
    > others get the specs too? (Contacting broadcom doesn't help, I've tried
    > that).

    I wish. The only info source we have is their latest GPL'd driver.

    It's coming along slowly at the moment... I haven't had time to mess
    with it for a few months, and I not DaveM was originally supposed to be
    filling in the rx/tx dma stuff, and h/w init. DaveM jumped in recently
    and played a bit with the h/w init stage.

    My guess is maybe another month or two until others can play with


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