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Subject[PATCH] Including the FarSync X.21 driver in the 2.2.x Kernel
please find a patch against the 2.2.19 Kernel that includes support
for the FarSync X.21 driver. This driver will allow syncppp over a
X21/V35/V24 line interface. The driver is already included in the 2.4.x
Kernel. As the patch is quite large it is downloadable from

As this is the first patch I have submitted, please let me know if there is
any problems with the presentation. When do you anticipate a release of
2.2.20? Will this patch be included in that release?


Kevin Curtis
Linux Development
FarSite Communications Ltd
tel: +44 1256 330461
fax: +44 1256 331145

-----Original Message-----
From: Alan Cox []
Sent: 18 January 2002 09:58
Subject: Re: Is the 2.2.x Kernel still being developed

> If this is possible, do I just mail a patch to you for it's
> inclusion?


> Will the module automatically be carried forward into the next
> stable version (2.6.x)?

2.6 or whatever it becomes will be from 2.5 which in turn starts from a 2.4
copy as of 2.4.14 (with the later changes merged in). Your driver is thus
already in the 2.5 development tree. The only thing you probably want to do
as 2.6 approaches is to ensure its still up to date, test it and submit
any fixes
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