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Subject2.5.5-pre1: Deadlocks and ALSA driver problems

Still fighting with the debug tools (I'm new to kernel debugging), but
maybe this info is useful to others:

2.5.5-pre1 deadlocked completely about 7 times in 40 minutes. The Magic
SysRq key didn't work anymore. Don't know if it is related, but after I
recompiled the ALSA driver as modules, the system was stable for about 4
hours. (With ALSA modules loaded, playing music, and I rebooted it myself

Besides: the ALSA /proc interface is terribly broken, any cat
/proc/asound/... results in a no such device error. The ALSA /dev entries
return the same errors while opening them, but the OSS emulation layer
works fine.

System Info:
PII-333 SMP on Asus P2L97-DS (Intel LX chipset), 512 MB RAM
SB Live 5.1 soundcard

The kernel is compiled with ALSA driver and Preemptive=Y

I hope to provide you better emails in the future.


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