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SubjectRe: smp_send_reschedule vs. smp_migrate_task
On Fri, Feb 15, 2002 at 09:28:56AM +1100, Paul Mackerras wrote:
> Val Henson writes:
> > I had only one IPI for the RPIC (an interrupt controller only used on
> > Synergy PPC boards) and I implemented a little message queue to
> > simulate all 4 IPI's. The mailbox implementation suggested by James
> > Bottomley ended up having race conditions on our board. It's probably
> > not the most elegant solution, but it works and required no change to
> > the PowerPC SMP code. See my "Make Gemini boot" patch to linuxppc-dev
> > and take a look at the files rpic.c and rpic.h.
> In that post I was really asking the following questions:
> * how often does smp_send_reschedule get called?
> * how often does smp_migrate_task get called?
> * if smp_send_reschedule and smp_migrate_task were mutually exclusive,
> i.e. both used the same spinlock, could that lead to deadlock?
> James Bottomley answered the first two for me but not the third.


I'm still a little disgusted by a system that works for 4
smp_<whatever> functions but not 5. :)

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